Print to virtual papers from any app on your Windows 10!

You don’t have to worry about running out of papers or buying ink cartridges. Just select Paperesso printer and print!

Once Paperesso has your printout, you can freely view the pages and write notes just like real papers!


Paperesso cannot directly receive printouts from other apps. But don’t worry! You just need to install Paperesso Agent. It’s a free companion app that automatically creates and manages a virtual Paperesso printer that can be accessed from any app on your Windows 10.

When you want to print to Paperesso, just select that virtual Paperesso printer and print! Paperesso is automatically launched as soon as your printing job completes.


Do you want to print to Paperesso on your tablet from a desktop Windows 10? No problem! Just turn on the virtual network printer mode and treat it as a network printer from the desktop.

If the desktop already has Paperesso and Paperesso Agent installed, the process is much simpler; just add its network address to Paperesso Agent and print to Paperesso printer as usual. Your printout will be automatically forwarded to your tablet.


Once Paperesso has your printout, you can freely add ink notes.

If your Windows 10 device supports pen input (ex. Surface Pen), you can use the pen concurrently with touch gestures; just write your notes with the pen and do the swipe gesture to move on to the next page.

Paperesso also has the Ruler-bar; a unique toolbar that can be used for both changing pen settings and drawing straight lines.

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