Paperesso Agent

  • Paperesso Agent requires Windows 10 Anniversary Update or later.
  • If you’re using a 64-bit version of Windows, we recommend installing Paperesso Agent via Windows Store instead of using the 32-bit setup file listed above.
  • Windows 10 Mobile is currently not supported.

Apps on your Windows 10 computer including legacy desktop programs cannot directly print to Paperesso. But don’t worry! We’ve prepared an intermediary app that can be used for seamlessly bridging Paperesso and other apps via a virtual printer.

When you install Paperesso Agent, it creates a virtual printer named "Paperesso" in Windows Settings » Devices » "Printers & scanners" setting.

This virtual "Paperesso" printer can be accessed from any app including legacy desktop programs. You simply need to select it as a destination printer and do the printing as usual.

Once the printing completes, Paperesso Agent launches Paperesso and shows the output.

Printing to a Remote Paperesso

Paperesso Agent can also simplify the process of printing to another Windows 10 device with Paperesso. For example, when you want to print to a tablet (A) from a desktop PC (B), you just need to activate the virtual network printer mode in Paperesso on the tablet, and add its network address to the Paperesso Agent on the desktop PC. When you select and print to a Paperesso printer from the desktop PC, Paperesso Agent automatically forwards the output to the tablet.