Quick Start Guide

You can seamlessly integrate Paperesso with your everyday Windows 10 workflow. The following describes proper steps to ensure such usage.

Setting up Paperesso

1 Install Paperesso

Paperesso is available through Windows Store.

2 Install Paperesso Agent

After installing Paperesso, we highly recommend installing Paperesso Agent for Windows 10. Paperesso can be used without installing Paperesso Agent. However, Paperesso Agent enables seamless integration with other apps on your computer. For example, it automatically adds a virtual printer that can be selected from any app including legacy desktop programs for printing. Once the printing is completed, Paperesso Agent automatically launches Paperesso and shows the output.

Paperesso Agent is offered free of charge to Paperesso users and it’s available at:

Don’t want to install Paperesso Agent? For additional information about using Paperesso without Paperesso Agent, please visit:

3 Print to Paperesso

  • Printing from apps installed on the same computer

    If you’ve installed Paperesso Agent, you can simply select "Paperesso" printer from the available printer list. Paperesso doesn’t need to be already running. Paperesso Agent will automatically launch it once the printing is completed.

  • Printing from other Windows 10 devices

    You can instantly activate the network printer mode in Paperesso; just tap the "Printouts" button on the title bar or Dashboard.

    Once activated, you can treat your computer as a network printer for other Windows 10 devices. If you have already installed Paperesso and Paperesso Agent on that other computer, you can easily add this new virtual network printer via "Add remote Paperesso" menu in Paperesso Agent.

    When the virtual network printer is added and selected, you can simply use the Paperesso printer as usual on the other computer. But its printout will be automatically forwarded to your computer.

    If you wish to add the virtual network printer as a separate printer, or you cannot install Paperesso and Paperesso Agent on the other computer, you can manually add it from Windows Settings » Devices » "Add a printer or scanner". For more information about manually adding a Paperesso network printer, please visit:

Using Paperesso

Page Navigation

Previous page Swipe right,
Click left-region (mouse only)
Next page Swipe left,
Click right-region (mouse only)
Return to the last zoom mode Double tap (or click) the main region
(If already in a zoom mode (ex. fit to width), rotate through available modes.)
Show Page-bar Double tap (or click) the bottom region

Tap-regions are irrelevant of the displayed page or zoomed state. It’s determined only based on the currently visible screen area.

Previous page SHIFT+SPACE,
Next page SPACE,
First page CTRL+HOME Last page CTRL+SPACE,
Scroll up
then previous page
PAGEUP Scroll down
then next page
Previous page (no scroll) CTRL+PAGEUP Next page (no scroll) CTRL+PAGEDOWN
Horizontal scroll to left SHIFT+PAGEUP Horizontal scroll to right SHIFT+PAGEDOWN
Toggle bookmark CTRL+F2,
Previous bookmark SHIFT+F2,
Next bookmark F2,
Undo BACK,
Copy the current page to clipboard CTRL+C (visible area),
CTRL+SHIFT+C (full page)
Email the current page CTRL+E (visible area),
CTRL+SHIFT+E (full page)
Print CTRL+P
Close the current printout CTRL+F4
Show Dashboard ESC Toggle printout opacity O
Toggle Dashboard A Toggle Print Server mode P
Previous running
CTRL+SHIFT+TAB Next running

Ink Notes

If your Windows 10 device supports pen input (ex. Surface Pen), you can use the pen concurrently with touch gestures; just write your notes with the pen and do the swipe gesture to move on to the next page.

If you want to change the settings of the pen, tap the "Ink tools" button on the title bar. Tapping the "Ink tools" button shows the Ruler-bar that includes various pen related settings.

Once the Ruler-bar is displayed, you can freely move around and use it as a ruler for drawing straight lines. When you want to extend the length of the ruler, simply drag the size grip. The size grip can also be used to change the angle of the ruler.

If you don’t have a pen or wish to use the touch screen or mouse as a writing input device, you need to turn on the "Touch Writing" mode. This mode is automatically activated when you tap or mouse-click the "Ink tools" button on the title bar. It can also be activated by right-clicking your mouse on the page display area. To turn off the "Touch Writing" mode, simply close the Ruler-bar.

Managing Printouts

Paperesso has a printout management side panel. This can be opened by tapping the "More printouts" button on the Dashboard. It can also be opened with a swipe-left touch gesture or a right-mouse-click from the main window.

In the management panel, you can select a printout by sliding it to right. If you already have selected an item, additional items can also be selected just by tapping.

If you want to unselect all items, you can double tap the bottom command bar or tap Task » "Select All/None" menu. Double tapping the command bar without any selected item toggles Task » "Sticky Selection Mode" menu on and off. When it’s enabled, you only need to tap a printout item to have it selected and the selection mode will not be automatically turned off even if there are no selected items.